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Clear out toxic energies not serving you in life and make space for joy and abundance to flow your way!

Stop living life in the cheap seats of life instead of front row.

I know you’re busy and when life takes over, it’s too easy to find yourself doing things for everyone else but you. It feels like you’re getting stuff done each day but not much of it is ACTUALLY towards YOU and your purpose.

Or your life’s work.

Or building your legacy.

Sure, you get by in life. But how much joy can you honestly say you have? Can you look your most loved ones in the eyes and tell them you’re truly fulfilled?

Face it.

We live in a society with modern technology and floods of social media. We’re inundated with distractions from what we really are meant to be doing here in this lifetime.

I KNOW you don’t think life is supposed to be spending 10 hours of your day working for someone else, coming home mentally ZAPPED and being left with a fraction of that time with people you love.

That’s not living life. That’s dying.

Then you hear the word “joy”…

…and you have fleeting moments of it…

and you admit it’s not as consistent you know it can be.

I used to live with a lot of stress. In fact,  it got so bad that my doc unexpectedly diagnosed me with chronic stress during an appointment. Why did that happen? I was living life for someone else for years. I was juggling being a mother of a 2 and 4-year old, completing university and helping my husband with his business…All while being two weeks away from delivering my third child. I had hit my max.

That continued for a few more years until I realized how exhausted I was day in and day out. I was emotionally, mentally and spiritually worn out.

And it started to spill into my physical health.

Before it could get worse, I made the conscious decision to remove myself from the heaviest toxic energies in my life.

It meant leaving a marriage that bore me three children.

It meant starting my next chapter as a single mom.

Then, I did something I’d never done.

I dug into each area of my life and detoxed it all. I hired coaches to help get me to the next level and through iit all, I expanded my knowledge. I declared a new love for myself and I started my own business- an expression of my soul. I transformed my life because I had access to the right tools.

I know you’re busy and that you have big dreams for yourself.

And that’s why I designed this is a short course.


With 21 Days to Joy, you will experience CLARITY, JOY AND EASE. In just 3 short weeks, yes.


You will get rid of so much toxic energy in your life that you’re not even aware you’re exposed to.

You will feel the supercharge in your vitality.


Imagine next week looking unrecognizable from this week. You’re in control. You’re calling the shots. You dictate how much joy comes into your life.


Your head space is so clear that you can actually focus on, and make time for, things that matter most to you.


What you need to know is…

You have to get out of your comfort zone. You can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing.

Creating an entirely new path to joy means taking a new approach!


Even though this is an online course, you’ll still have access to my unique A.L.I.G.N.M.E.N.T.S.™ Model that I use to create a powerful life with clients (and that I share in only in my signature program).

In this spirit-mind-body approach, you will discover:

✓how to set up your days powerfully with mornings that rock

✓how to create a life that’s filled with ease, freedom and delicious joy

✓how to protect your energy as you accomplish your desires and goals moving forward

Do your soul a favour and start living life ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

Do this course having more space has cleared up for you, rather than having just another course to add to your already busy life.

Spend more time being a creative and active participant in life, instead of a plain observer.

Your investment: 997 USD


Case study: Client X works a 9-5pm corporate job and is starting her own business on the side. She’s also in a year-long personal development intensive and is head of the social committee at her work, responsible for organizing company events for over one thousand people at her workplace. On top of that, she’s in a leadership position that doesn’t pay her and yet she has multiple people calling her everyday, sometimes more than once per day. Client X came to me exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated. She acknowledged that her business was taking a hit because she had other priorities demanding her attention throughout the week. It left her feeling disempowered. She admitted she’d use her work lunch break to talk to people on the phone, sneaking in a bite as she could while talking to them. Using the A.L.I.G.N.M.E.N.T.S.™ Model, Client X transformed her schedule, put boundaries in and honored herself before anyone else. At the next call, she shared how energizing her week now was and how much more happy and peaceful she was with all of her life. It allowed her to continue building her business and in fact, she (almost immediately) had people wanting to attend her next workshop.

Few things make me more excited than to see others LIT UP and PUMPED about life aaaaand GETTING what they go after!!

I know your days are full and I know it’s tricky finding time to take a course on top of everything you have going on.

This is why 21 Days to Joy is for you. It’s condensed, express and best of all, you get the key secrets to help bring ease, joy and abundance into your life.

P.S. I know you only do things worth your time and so I’m offering a money-back guarantee. If at the end of 3 weeks you don’t have more ease and joy in your life, send me an email and I’ll refund 100% of your money.

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