Based in Toronto, Canada, Jessica Santonato helps social entrepreneurs build resilience so that they can maximize the financial and social impact they desire to create. She is an award-winning author and in her latest memoir “Joy Is Your Only Job”, she shares her journey of living a criminal lifestyle, gang rape, attempted suicide and domestic violence before the age of 30, to her rise in conscious leadership and philanthropy by the age of 35. Recognized for her leadership abilities, she was one of three people chosen by an American personal development company to help more than a thousand entrepreneurs from across all continents with their communication and effectiveness. A graduate of Landmark Worldwide’s Team, Management and Leadership Program, Jessica has been mentored by James MacNeil, one of the world’s top communication consultants and close associate of renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown. She is also the co-founder and managing partner of Syndicate 33, a social enterprise that provides a mindset and practical leadership program to young adults in emerging economies who are called to make an impact in their communities.

Prior to her leadership efforts, Jessica left an abusive marriage and started her entrepreneur journey in New York City while raising three young kids on her own. On top of her experience as a health radio show host, she has been featured in media such as Cosmopolitan Magazine and Rogers TV, various podcasts and has given talks at Humber College, Mississauga City Hall and at an event for international peace activist and conscious hip-hop artist, Emmanuel Jal. She has provided insight to government organizations and law enforcement on gaps in the judicial system when it comes to protecting the safety of those who’ve experienced domestic violence. For three years and because of her own experiences of rape, partner violence and abuse, Jessica also facilitated sacred sex and intimacy workshops for singles and couples across North America and has helped women who’ve been affected by sexual trauma reclaim their sexuality.

Known to have her ‘nice girl’ side unapologetically drop the regular F-bomb, Jessica nourishes her soul with healthy home-cooked meals, traveling and making regular date nights with her second husband Michael, and family time with their three children, a non-negotiable.


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