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“An honest, profound and riveting account.”

“A book full of grace.”

“This book will bring light to a dark place that requires courage.”

“She can start a revolution.”

“A page-turner!”


“Dear Husband, Thank You for Trying to Kill Me.”

(February 2020)

Just shy of her tenth wedding¬†anniversary, Jessica Santonato faces a life or death decision … the strength of her resolve could not only cost her life, but also the lives of her children.

Flip The Script is a raw and gripping memoir of a self-confessed wife of a career criminal (and mother to this gang leader’s children). In harrowing detail, she recounts her courageous decision to leave the marriage and create a better life for her kids after her husband brutally attacks and nearly kills her.

“There are gifts in your pain if you’re brave enough to search for them. It’s important not to believe yourself you’re a certain way because someone else tells you so, or because of something that happened to you. If you allow yourself to marinate in your emotional pain, the cost is too great. Instead, find the gifts. Understand they are accolades, extreme representations and accomplishments of the adversity you’ve faced.”

This book is an uplifting account of hope over hardship. It is a liberating guide to break free of the mental incarceration of trauma and empower the mind to create a life that you desire so you can experience the pure joy of living again.

Jessica Santonato is a TEDx Speaker and award-winning author who inspires courage and collaborates with similarly aligned and progressive forward thinkers working to replace hate and enmity with love and compassion. 


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