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“This book will bring light to a dark place that requires courage.”

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“She can start a revolution.”

Joy Is Your Only Job

From Gangster Housewife to Happy Humanitarian

(Release Date 2019)

How a young woman survives gang-rape, escapes her gang-leader husband before he kills her, and uses the pain as fuel to change the lives of others.


Just shy of her ten-year wedding anniversary, Jessica faces a life or death decision: succumb to the destruction of her husband trying to kill her or vow to create a better life for herself and her children from that day forward.

Joy Is Your Only Job is a raw and gripping memoir of Jessica Santonato as the self-confessed wife of a gang leader and career criminal, how she left the marriage after a brutal attack that nearly killed her, and then transformed her life in ways she never imagined. This is a tale that hits at the hearts and minds of every reader going or has been through deep trauma and adversity to transform their pain into a place of pure joy.

The story starts ten years before the attack in their hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. Alluded to the glamour of gang life, blinded by love, they are married and conceived their first child in prison. She is quickly exposed to the operations of the criminal world and put in charge of overseeing specific illegal activities.

Behind and between the scenes of a young adult trying to find her place in the world, Jessica’s terrifying adventures take her through abuse, gang-rape, attempted suicide, prostitution, drugs, and trying to cope with “friends”  being viciously murdered around her. Without family or true friends to turn to for support, her experience and upbringing are vastly different, she discovers, from anything conceivably normal.


Raw, provoking and transparent, Joy Is Your Only Job is the memoir of Jessica’s years as the self-confessed wife of a gang leader and career criminal, how she left the marriage after her husband tried to kill her, and how anyone going through deep traumas and adversities can transform pain into making an impact in the world. Despite immense adversity, Jessica is a wise, grounded and graceful young mother, without a hint of the stereotypical criminal or abuse victim persona- in many ways, she is in fact the epitome of courage, resilience and joy.

Jessica suffered in silence. She couldn’t tell anyone what she saw throughout her husband’s criminal activities, including murder. How could she ever escape? She asks repeatedly, “God, why don’t you just end it all for me?”, leading her to believe that she exists for a greater reason.

Although she experiences domestic violence, this book focuses on how anyone can turn their pain into purpose, and help elevate consciousness on the planet.

This is Jessica’s 3rd book. She is an EPPY Award winner for her contribution to the international best-selling book series, “Pebbles In The Pond”, which also features Lisa Nicholas, SARK, Neale Donald Walsch, Arielle Ford, and Marci Shimoff.

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